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Teach you how to adjust the brightness of the elite photoele

Release time:2015-04-17 14:47    Publisher:admin
Adjust the brightness of the display on the screen is the darkest and brightest made between adjustment, and non sensitive control. Automatic brightness adjustment according to the different time the different brightness by LED electronic screen control system automatically adjust to a predetermined brightness. Manual brightness adjustment is that the end users through the LED electronic display screen control system, makes the LED screen brightness reaches a specified.

Gray scale LED screen and some very high, can reach 256 or 1024. But because of the human eye sensitivity to light is limited, and can not completely identify these gray level. That may be a lot of people adjacent gray level is the same as. And eyes can detect each are not identical. For display, eye recognition level is the more the better, because the displayed image is for people to see. The human eye can distinguish more brightness level, means that the color screen display more colorful, potential is greater. Brightness discrimination level can be tested with special software, the general display can be reached more than 20 even better grades.

Brightness and visual angle of the requirements:

Indoor full color LED display screen brightness is above 800cd/m2, the brightness of outdoor full color should be more than 1500cd/m2, in order to ensure the normal work of the image display, or because the brightness is too low and can not see the show. The brightness of the size is mainly composed of a LED tube core is good or bad decision. The number of the audience viewing angle LED screen depends on the size of the bigger the better, so. Perspective is mainly decided by the die package.

To determine the brightness of the LED display screen is very necessary, the brightness of the city lighting LED display requirements, or the new regulations, the brightness of LED screen is too high, it will cause problems for nearby residents. In order to avoid adverse reactions, which requires businesses need to have LED display screen brightness regulating related professional knowledge in the customization and maintenance of LED display.
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