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LED display enterprises how to change in the environment?

Release time:2015-04-17 14:53    Publisher:admin
Since 2012, with some LED display enterprises have closed down, many people have "on the screen color". Indeed, the LED display market has entered the elimination period, the industry reshuffle has begun, but, in such a critical moment, if properly handled, can realize corner overtaking easier, as the industry benchmark, to achieve "gain both fame and wealth".

1 big. Now the LED display is more and more large scale, and the area of the screen is also more and more big. Manufacturers of large scale of course is a good thing, compared to financing difficulties of investment is only dozens of million small businesses, large companies have more advantages. Because of the development of new technology, new markets development, are in need of funds as a guarantee. Now the area of the display screen is bigger and bigger, hundreds of thousands of square meters of the five hundred or six hundred screen we have It is often seen., that is the real meaning of "big screen". The screen is bigger, can scale production, quality assurance at the same time more profit, brings to the enterprise's income is greater.

2 to do. Today the March exhibition in Guangzhou, the major manufacturers have exhibited a small pitch LED display, indoor P3, P2.5 has It is quite common for people, and now the launch point spacing of 1.5, 1, 0.8mm display. Because now the space is more and more valuable, outdoor LED display can be P5 or P3. Small spacing will be a big part of the market, especially the high-end of the stage design, LED display screen on the HD requirement is very high. With the LED display screen to reduce the cost, high density LED display in the domestic market has become a reality. In shopping malls and other places, kangshuo exhibition developed P2.5 LED HD ad scraper machine, and mass production, make apexls champion in the indoor exhibition in the field of video advertising.

3 into new. The new product creativity is a sword to hit the market, this sword can quickly cut down the enemy, to protect themselves. Dasheng photoelectric can be said to be the originator of the creative LED display LED display, creative, various characteristics of the arc, the spherical surface, triangle, polygon, cans of beer cans in the shape of LED, the Christmas tree, the latest development of pear shaped, diamond shaped LED display, it can be as long as you want, we you can do it. These creative LED display products to expand the market space, differentiated products and also bring more profits.

In general, we need to improve our product quality, good service, research and development, improve the full-color LED display enterprise continuous innovation, Lianhaoneigong, sword easy road, to achieve corner overtaking, reached the peak industry.


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