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Domestic LED enterprises will usher in the "dividend po

Release time:2015-04-17 16:07    Publisher:视爵光旭
In the past 2 years, China enterprise also unceasingly in the MOCVD manufacturing equipment in the field to seek a breakthrough. Although not necessarily enjoy government subsidies "heroic", but "if breaking the monopoly of foreign monk", in the LED industry is still in the development stage, domestic enterprises will also share dividend to industry "".

"Foreign monks" monopoly

MOCVD is a kind of "metal organic chemical vapor deposition technology", the technology and equipment price in the 15000000 yuan / sets, accounting for LED epitaxial chip production cost 40%~50%.

2009, MOCVD industry is not a large volume of the industry, it is used in Blu ray, cutting, high power optical fiber communication and medical materials etc..

"Before 2009, a small, LED industry and the MOCVD market after 2009, due to the application of the backlight source, LED industry to achieve a spurt of development. In addition, new to the MOCVD provider, or can not provide equipment and technology to customer needs (such as American application materials company), have failed to provide equipment to catch up with the market window.

Global LED demand growth, contributed to the rise of the two enterprises overseas orders. In 2010, 2011, from Chinese buyers purchase more generous, strong and easy to make Ace dimension of "counting money". Behind this, is the local government Chinese generous subsidies.

Have data show, in 2010 800 sets of MOCVD equipment shipments, 60% (about 480) from China demand. And in 2011, China MOCVD to add about 483 units, in 2012 dropped to 200 units.


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