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Small pitch LED display screen to enter the interior market

Release time:2015-04-17 16:05    Publisher:视爵光旭
As early as a few years ago, the small spacing indoor have appeared on the market, because the technology is not mature, can not meet the requirements of indoor environment on the screen, so there is no small distance indoor display did not sell well. With the overall promotion of the display technology in recent years, small spacing indoor screen color display technology has made great progress.

The competitiveness of the indoor high density small pitch LED display screen is the largest seamless and natural true color display. Improve the limits of traditional DLP technology, LCD display, can only make joint narrowing, but can not make it disappear, there can be swallowed by a patchwork of pixels. The LED display has greater plasticity in the mosaic, has realized the seamless splicing, and at the same time, in the late maintenance, LED screen now has a point by point correction technology is mature, the use of one or two years or more display instrument using a correction for the entire screen, the operation process is simple, the effect is also very good. Therefore, from the display quality evaluation of the two words, is a high density of small pitch LED display screen is better than the DLP rear projection.

It is because we see the small pitch LED display in the indoor display the huge potential of the market, more and more enterprises begin to participate in the display of the product development and marketing, from the industry fundamentals, high density and small pitch LED display by virtue of its technical strength in the indoor display area, high-end will gradually replace the traditional projection by DLP occupy the indoor display market is expected, small spacing LED tide of speculation will continue; and some involved in small spacing of LED stock due to stock price performance is relatively backward, short-term or with compensatory growth opportunities.

LED super TV detonate high density small pitch screen development trend

With high density and small pitch LED display the space more and more small, showed the ability is more and more strong, the indicators of progress, and the extension of a concept and super TV products LED. Conversely, LED super TV is not only a high density of small pitch LED display, is clearly superior in performance, the target of the traditional indoor large screen market.

The concept of super TV LED fired a raise a Babel of criticism of several listed companies, pushing the LED super TV has obtained more and more attention of the market.

At present, LED super TV is in low brightness, high refresh rate and high intensity and other technical indicators should be perfected, a major factor in the price factor is restricting the development of. The future, LED super TV to really like LED backlight TV into the consumption field, is a revolutionary subversion, but to really into the home appliance market is almost impossible.

LED display, whether indoors or outdoors, has its certain advantages, environmental protection, energy conservation is the basic trend of future products, indoor display market needs in the development of the pixel density technology, in order to indoor shot, the future of television monitoring, meetings and other occasions, will display the application of more small spacing. The display device has always been the market mainstream products.


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