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How to calculate the full-color display screen viewing dista

Release time:2015-04-17 16:27    Publisher:视爵光旭
LED display screen in outdoor applications, has been involved in many fields, with the application of LED display screen of a large area, so the customer the correct distance calculated how? By calculating the LED display screen viewing distance, we can easily find the most suitable for the viewers, and the best point of view, LED display can play its unique the display effect.

The calculation method of LED unit board specifications

1, the LED unit board spacing secret: each pixel to another pixel distance, each pixel can be a LED lamp such as: P10 (1R)], two LED light [such as: PH16 (2R)], three LED light [such as: P16 (2R1G)];

2, LED unit plate height and length calculation method of distance between the points: x = length / height

Such as: the length of P16 =16 * 1.6 cm =25.6 cm

High =8 * 1.6 cm =12.8 cm

The length of P10 =32 * 1 cm =32 cm

High =16 * 1 cm =16 cm

3, the LED display screen using the LED unit board number:

The total area, unit, unit plate height length = LED unit plate number

Such as: 10 square meters of outdoor P16 color LED screen using the LED unit board is equal to the number of:

10 square meters, 0.256 meters, 0.128 meters =305.17678 = 305

The calculation method of LED unit board is more accurate:

The use of unit length * height using a unit plate number plate number = the total number of LED unit

Such as: 5 meters long, 2 meters high P16 monochrome LED display module using the number:

LED display unit plate number =5 meters long, 0.256 meters =19.53125 = 20

LED display unit plate number =2 meters, 0.128 meters =15.625 = 16

LED display using the LED unit board total number =20 * 16 =320

The calculation method of LED display screen viewing distance

Color mixing distance RGB tricolor mixed into a single color distance: pixel spacing (mm) * 500/1000

The minimum distance, can display the image smoothing: pixel spacing distance (mm) * 1000/1000

The most appropriate distance, viewers can see the high clear picture: pixel spacing distance (mm) * 3000/1000

The farthest distance: the screen height (m) * 30

Calculate the best viewing distance can make full color LED screen display to achieve the best state, meet the viewer's perspective, to reproduce the high-definition picture quality.


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