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Analysis of wireless LED electronic screen based on Internet

Release time:2015-04-17 16:26    Publisher:视爵光旭
Based on the development of the modern Internet, wireless LED display screen has become a necessary function. While the relative customer, the traditional LED display obviously can not meet the real-time update customer and the need to publish, when large-scale display network, the timely release of information it is impossible to complete. The wireless data transmission module through the display of the WEB information service. Timely and accurate information transmission. The working principle of wireless LED display screen to accept data from the wireless receiver module, and user data by GSM digital publishing center to complete the receiving and playing important work. Wireless LED what advantage?

The characteristics of wireless LED display screen

A large scale, network: wireless LED display screen through the GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless network to send information, using TCP/IP network transmission protocol, network terminal number is not restricted, thus the large-scale network.

Two, real-time information release: wireless LED display screen can receive messages at any time the information center.

Three, no distance limitation: wireless LED display screen can be used in the country, as long as the wireless network signal coverage area can be used, no distance and location limit.

Four, convenient installation and maintenance: due to the laying of fiber optic cable and communication cable, so the installation position of wireless LED display screen is easy to choose. Modular design, easy maintenance and repair, and automatically save all the information automatic dial-up line, automatic redial, reliable connection, power again after power wireless LED display screen automatically play the original information, design of anti-interference, suitable for harsh environment applications of electromagnetic design, high temperature, low temperature and high temperature working environment adaptation.

Five, a variety of information dissemination: according to the selected communication network is different, can choose different ways of sending information to update the information of wireless LED display screen, and group, group and send information of single point. Such as: computer by sending, related sites on the Internet computer send, send special information module ordinary mobile phones to send etc..

Six, a variety of LED display selection: all kinds of indoor, outdoor, semi outdoor single color, double color, color etc..

Seven, a variety of language: such as numbers, letters, Chinese, English etc..

Eight, the rich information display: each message can customize the display mode and residence time can be arranged, very flexible.

Nine, a variety of information encryption method: according to user needs can be set when the information is sent to the identification code and check code, or only receive special number. To ensure information security.

Ten, support for multiple specific functions.

The scope of application:

1GSM/GPRS wireless data module (used in wireless LED display)

2LED strip screen (indoor, outdoor, semi outdoor)

3 semi outdoor LED display (unit board, the entire screen)

4 solutions for industrial applications (meteorological disaster warning display, Che Zaiping)

5 wireless LED display screen

The 6 window (counter) LED significant price screen

7LED special aluminum screen frame

The development of wireless LED display screen is an inevitable process, the age of the Internet, wireless support is one of the most important methods to update the information.


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