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Luminous flux in an important position on the display screen

Release time:2015-04-17 16:22    Publisher:视爵光旭
The application of LED display in the world, has been self-evident. With the improvement in technology, display all aspects of technology have improved. The flux is direct numerical display effective light output.

LED display application is relatively mature industry chain link in the development of LED in recent years, with the progress of technology and the continuous improvement of products, application of LED gradually expand, showing a stable development of the situation. According to the Chinese optics Optoelectronics Industry Association LED display applications branch of statistics, in 2012 China's LED display applications industry scale development of the whole industry continue to maintain growth, the annual market sales reached 25300000000 yuan, an increase of 15% over 2011's 22000000000 yuan. However, with the development of the industry, the market has put forward higher requirements on all aspects of LED display screen.

Only to meet the demand from the perspective of information within the scope of the radiation flux is effective, in order to improve the display efficiency, should make more high luminous flux and meet the needs of.

For the LED display, the output is the luminous flux for the audience to watch. But with other photoelectric conversion device is different, not all of the output luminous flux can be useful, but only at a specified angle range, meet the requirements of the display light is effective only light output of LED display screen.

The specified angle refers to the "general specification for LED display" provisions of the different kinds of LED display screen angle range or scope of the requirements of the contract. Can not meet the "general specification for" LED display or contract requirements of the product is not qualified, but beyond the scope of it is a waste of energy, not only that, but also cause light pollution.

How to measure the flux? In order to energy efficiency coefficient were measured and compared with the LED display module, we measure. The module is the basic unit of LED display screen, big screen is composed of many modules splicing. The screen because the actual work environment difference, may have their own specialty, the module efficiency comparison would be more scientific and reasonable, more fair and operability. Were measured and compared to group as a unit, is scientific and reasonable, but also conducive to the production management.

LED display panels and modules are composed of discrete LED tube, watching in the practical value of the distance, should be the surface emitting body, but at the time of measurement, is actually measured on a LED tube or a bunch of LED discrete pipe, and then calculated flux.

Whether or LED display module, are made of LED pipe assembly, and the luminous flux of LED lamp is a commonly used measures, the numerical flux has a direct impact on the audience and effective visual.
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