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Company Address: Shenzhen Shiyan Jintai Road on the 5th row of elite Technology Park, Bao'an District
Phone: 86-755-27820006 2,782,338,327,823,373
Fax: 86-755-27823879
Website: http: //www.jygled.cn
E-mail: hui@elite-led.net

Shenzhen elite photoelectric offices in Nanning
Address: Nanning North Lake Road on the 4th (North Lake farmers market across the road, the former umbrella factory)
Contact: Li Zhu Jingli

Shenzhen Elite Optical Office in Chengdu
Address: Chengdu Chenghua qinglongchang silver gong Bay 3 3 unit
Contact: Chang Manager

Shenzhen elite photoelectric work in Henan
Address: Guancheng District Winton Road, Building 25 Pak Chong Community Unit 4 (on the second floor of East households)
Contact: Mr. Cheng

Shenzhen elite photoelectric work in Beijing
Address: Beijing Malian Nan Hua Mu Building Room 1115
Contact: Miss Yang Mr.Huang

Shenzhen elite photoelectric offices in Hainan
Address: Haikou City, Long Overseas Building No. 36 North Queensland floor Longhua District
Contact: Li