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Outdoor media operators LED outdoor display problems

As the new darling of outdoor advertising, outdoor LED display with other advertising carriers do not have the advantage, such as visual impact and cost etc.. Because of the characteristics of LED display screen with high brightness, so even in the daytime look picture is very clear, and very strong visual impact, if you are using is more obvious display the characteristics of high density, but also brings people closer distance.

Outdoor LED screen also has the characteristics of all-weather, all released. Many enterprises in favor of TV ads, although more general audience of television advertising, but also in the number of TV channels, good column and prime time period the price is not low. The point of view of outdoor LED display is the goal of a single focus, to maximize attract around past the crowd's attention, and ads every day on the big screen rolling broadcast repeatedly on the people, the infusion of advertising content, strengthen the propaganda.

Outdoor LED display screen has a variety of advantages, outdoor advertising is the new darling of the industry, but it also faces various problems still need to be improved.

Display in the aspect of operation is mainly composed of four parts, the rent, depreciation, electricity and maintenance. Is a fixed rent and depreciation are almost, and electricity and maintenance depends mainly on the display quality and specifications of the operation, a block or dozens of hundreds of pieces of screen media company one month's electricity will not, therefore, a problem in the procurement of energy saving is also worthy of display media company focused on, in addition to in addition, maintenance problems are worth thinking about.

In fact, now many media company quality requirements of outdoor LED display screen is very high, because once the damaged media company, whether it is business or maintenance will be no small loss. It is understood, in the operation of power is the most critical parts of a power supply, once the fault, will lead directly to the screen often appear black block, thereby affecting the customer of the advertising media. Under normal circumstances, the use of the outdoor LED display three years five years there will be a lot of dust, but also can damp, and the power failure is mainly derived from the. Concentrated in the dust caused by damp power protection and damage, if the temperature is not appropriate, or a long time fan failure, or display power consumption, high heat environment of long-term lead to solute becomes small and so on, these are likely to cause damage to the power supply. For these reasons it may damage the power supply enterprise, should also consider how to ensure the normal power supply used in a variety of environments.

With the exception of the power source, the other is prone to failure of the component signal line, control panel, system and module. In the LED display, the average per square meter of about 500 to 800 of the signal pins, so its reliability is very important, it determines the quality of the display. Of course there are enterprises in order to avoid this problem will drive chip with high specification, directly will cancel the connector between the modules, but the cost is higher. In the control panel and system this part can be said to be the core part, if a problem can cause a large area of the fault display, so the control board and the stability of the system to the normal use of the screen is very large. Because of long-term operation in outdoor LED display, so the electromagnetic interference, high temperature, dust and other factors that may cause the control board and system failure, some manufacturers also have the relevant solutions, such as the use of dual hot backup, but companies can also try other more reliable solution of stable operation, to more outdoor LED the display layer of protection. In the module, suitable for all kinds of working environment is a lot of media companies to pursue, the module will have different performance in different operating environment, how to reduce the failure rate of a problem which is worth thinking about the many manufacturers. To make a long story short, the quality of outdoor LED display still needs to be improved, this is a media company is very concerned about the.

Waterproof, heat dissipation and outdoor light design is still the LED industry needs to break through the technical field. Outdoor LED display and use the environment determines the heat dissipation performance of waterproof, it should be more reliable in order to ensure that the requirements of outdoor LED media long operation life, waterproof and heat dissipation design and not dependent on steel structure. Installation of suspension, or attached to the requirements of the building is located in LED display screen design to take into account the different age of the building the building load-bearing requirements, and should be appropriate and building environment or theme.

But the current LED display industry to price however defined, the focus of competition in the market focus on product prices on the body, thus ignoring the quality and after sale service attention, cause many serious security problems, but also affect the media company's operating income.

"Three high" is the development trend of advertising display industry is inevitable, with the development of science and technology, all kinds of new things constantly updated, the advertising industry as well as LED. Especially in the application to display interactive and new technology, because advertising is to catch the eye to attract more audience, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising demand. However, due to involved in the construction of advertising display initial investment costs are very expensive, and the display screen also has standard life. In true high and there is a long distance to go. The LED display screen industry coupled with the use of the distinction between, this also slow down the pace to achieve the highest. The screen LED unified industry advertising standards to accelerate the elimination of backward technology and service life is long, to speed up the implementation of the three.


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