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Full color LED display screen small knowledge

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       Full color LED display screen by the use of the environment is divided into indoor LED display screen, semi outdoor full color LED display, outdoor full color LED display screen.

Indoor screen area less than 1 square meters to tens of meters, point density is higher, in direct sunlight or light lighting and viewing distance of a few meters away, the screen does not have waterproof function.

Half way between the outer two households between outdoor and indoor, with high brightness, can be used in non direct sunlight outdoors, the screen has a seal, generally in the roof or window.

LED light emitting diode light-emitting diode, LED. Full color LED display (LED panEL) is through certain control method, used to display text, text, graphics, images, animation, etc. various kinds of information market and the display screen TV, video signal by LED array. As a new generation of display media, has been widely used in the exhibition center, trade center, the auction center, financial center, information center, securities, telecommunications, taxation, customs, courts, power supply, fire station, airport, wharf, the talent market, such as public business hall.

Display performance

Full color LED display screen to display text, performance is divided into LED display graphic LED display, LED display screen of computer video, TV video full color LED display and LED display market. Full color LED display LED display market generally include securities, interest rate futures and other purposes.

Display color

LED display screen to display the color is divided into single color LED display screen (including pseudo color LED display screen), dual color LED display screen and full color (three colors) of LED display screen. According to the gray level can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 level grayscale full-color LED display etc..

The basic point of light

Non market LED display, indoor LED display by using LED single point diameter can be divided into 3.0mm (62500 /m 2), 3.7mm (44100 /m 2), 4.8mm (27800 /m 2), 5mm (17200 /m 2), 8mm (10000 /m 2) display screen;

The outdoor full color LED display screen according to the diameter of the pixel can be divided into 8mm (10000 /m 2), 12mm (3906 /m 2), 16mm (2500 /m 2), 26mm (1024 /m 2), LED display. Can be divided according to the size of the 2.0cm digital tube LED display market (0.8inch), 2.5cm (1.0inch)), 3.0cm (1.2inch), 4.6cmm (1.8inch), 5.8cm (2.3inch), 7.6cm (3inch).

A monochrome screen by red light emitting materials.

A dual color screen is generally composed of red and yellow green light emitting materials.

Three color screen is divided into full color (full color), red, yellow and green (570nm), blue; true color (nature color), composed of red,
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