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Pre-sale services: according to the requirements of the construction site as well as customers, the two sides to develop the implementation plan, fully consider the user in the system function, quality requirements, develop specific plans for solutions, and providing technical advice engineers.
Centralized services: Before product installation, with customers to send personnel to the company production base to understand the situation, check the product quality. All system equipment, materials supervise installation; installation work orderly, ensure implementation on schedule; the installation of the system in line with the relevant national regulations and installation requirements of scientific equipment installation and height. Ruoyin natural or other causes need to be delayed, the parties will be resolved through consultation.
Service: Free on-site to provide more than one year compiled a service, maintenance of life; in case of significant events or major events can be deployed on-site technicians duty to ensure the normal use of screen body; after the warranty period, and only pay the cost of replacement materials; provide free technical training .